About SoCuteUrl

This is the cutest way to get around the Internet!!! Don't post embarassing ugly URLs on your blog or mural. Fluffer up some SoCute ones instead!!! Share SoCute URLs with all of your friends today!!!

This website makes ugly URLs cute! Part parody and almost kind of useful, SoCuteUrl puts a twist on URL shortening services like tiny, bitly and the rest. Instead of making a long URL short, we make an ugly one cute. It just so happens that it's often shorter too!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • how does it work?

    Simply go to the home page and enter an ugly URL. You will be given a new URL that you can post on your blog or send to a friend. This cuter URL is more memorable and stands out!

    Drag the link below to your toolbar, and you can make SoCute any URL at any time!!!Make SoCute!!!

  • how does this site make money?

    So far, it hasn't! We're looking into a few ways that might help us pay to run the site while keeping it simple and fun. We reserve the right to add a referral tag to URLs that pass through our system. We will try very hard to make sure we never replace one that is already there. If you find that we are interfering with your URLs please let us know.

  • what about my privacy?

    SoCuteUrl is not a very serious website. Please take your privacy seriously. Our database is not encrypted (this site would not work if it were). Don't use soCuteUrl.com to link to a web page like: http://omg.secrets.shh/my-ssn-is-000-00-0000. That'd just be silly. And for the love of ponies, please don't use us for anything illegal.

    We do look at the database from time to time. Why? To see how SoCute is working. To see what people are using it for, etc. We do, however care about privacy. We do not ask for any personal information, just URLs. And, if you're curious... yes... we were rickrolled by our own site.

  • how long will my url continue to work?

    Certainly no longer than the page it points to, but we haven't really decided anything about this yet. So far we've only removed a few troublesome ones. You can imagine how hard it is to keep coming up with cute stuff!!! Well, it's not that hard, but still...

    Because of how absolutely swimmingly cute our URLs are, people enjoy trying out web sites that do not exist. They just wanna see the cute stuff we come up with (who can blame them)? You would not believe how many URLs are created and then never visited. This means that thousands of mind-numbingly fuzz-puffing cute urls are fluffered into existence never to sparkle in front of all the Internet! SoooooCute, yet SOOOOO sad!!!

    We see lots of URLs like aldsfkjaldskfj.com, aflkjadlfdasSOOOSOOOUGLY.eww in our system. We may start deleting these at some point. We'll only do this to URLs that have not been visited for a long time.

    Keep in mind that the primary use of this site is to share URLs in a fun and interesting way. If there is a site you specifically need to remember, keep the real URL bookmarked. This caution should be heeded when you use any other URL shortening/obfuscation service. Imagine if the largest URL shortening site (you know, that site with all the ugly widdle URLs!!!) went down? A lot of links would stop working! This has been referred to as link-rot. SoCuteUrl is a great site, but not immune to this. So please treat your super-important urls the same way you would treat your favorite bag of bumble bees. Safe and SNUG!

  • how frequently are these asked?

    SEVERAL! Thanks for asking, that's one more!!!

  • What is the preview link for?!?

    You can send this link to your friends and they won't have to worry about being tricked into seeing something un-cute!!! Instead of whisking off immediately to the page, they will get a page that displays the URL to which they are headed!!! How cute is that!?!?

  • contact

    We're really eager to hear questions, suggestions, praise and grumbles. Send something cute to:

  • What Can I Use This For?

    Sending URLS!!! We reserve the right to prevent abuse of our system. This includes spamming and automated url creation. Our URLS don't grow on trees, so "cuting the whole Internet" will result in our urls getting too long to be cute! If you want to do any kind of automation with us, we'd love it if you let us know / asked. If spam-like activities bog our system down, we may remove certain urls